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Engagements & Weddings

 Engagement & Wedding Photography in London

At Blacks Productions in London, we are passionate about capturing wedding documentary photography in natural and relaxed environments that truly reflects the newlywed's devotion and unbreakable bond amongst family and friends. Your wedding ceremony is a momentous moment that is a once-in-a-lifetime event. So, it’s crucial to hire a professional photographer specialising in wedding photography to shoot and develop high-quality images in various surroundings. 


We offer engagement and wedding photography services in London that capture precious, stunning and exhilarating moments of your special day.


At Blacks Productions, we capture significant memories as they happen without interventions, posing and re-takes in order to convey an honest and authentic story from start to finish. We provide high-quality images of memories that will take you back to that exact moment of how you felt and make you want to relive that memory forever.

 Engagement Photography Service

If you’re planning your wedding ceremony, you may want to consider booking a pre-wedding photography shoot which is an excellent addition to your wedding photography package. Our engagement sessions are shot in beautiful natural outdoor settings in a relaxed and fun atmosphere. The engagement package allows you to get used to being in front of the camera and get acquainted with your photographer ahead of your big wedding day. We focus on capturing your unique personality while working creatively in the open outdoors. Each session is an hour long, and we will choose a beautiful location for you in London that will provide fantastic results!

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Wedding Photography Service

Our professional wedding photographs are vibrant, joyful and full of life! Our aim is to tell the story of your wedding day honestly and naturally. We have a relaxed and informal approach when shooting weddings, as it allows us to get involved in whatever you have planned for the day so that we can capture everything to the fullest. We aim to make you feel comfortable in our presence to ensure that you both have an amazing wedding day. We are highly skilled and experienced in delivering a range of high-quality wedding photos that depict the true emotions of the beautiful newlyweds and guests in these precious memories that will exist for a lifetime.

 Get in Contact

Get in contact with the team today if you require a professional engagement and wedding photographer. We offer a range of creative wedding photography and videography packages to capture your big beautiful wedding day.

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