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Blacks Productions
Video Services

The Full Package

Presentation and Interview Videos

Engage with your clients by presenting to them with a short 1/2 minute video guiding them through your company. Who you are. What you do. How you can help them. 

Blacks productions work with a range of clients that either own small family run companies to big corporate businesses.


Sports and Fitness Videos

Are you opening up a new gym? Stepping on stage? Or just proud of your new physic?

2022 and social media is taking over, a quick video plays a huge role in grabbing attention from your clients and followers. We are here to capture your gym sessions all the way through to bodybuilding shows, sports events and fitness documentaries. 

Promotional Videos and Online Adverts

Creating promotional videos and online adverts is the perfect way to reach your customers online. This will rapidly grow alertness for your latest events and let your customers know about your products and services

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